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When getting begun with clicker training, please talk to an expert clicker fitness instructor to ensure you are utilizing the clicker training approach properly. Lots of use this method incorrect and blame the approach when the dog does not learn, when in reality, it is the “fitness instructor” “handler” “individual” that is not using the clicker effectively. Pam’s Pet Academy provides lots of online remote control training classes and has multiple DVDs on the remote control training approach. If you don’t see something that you wish to take and need aid with your pet, Pamela Johnson provides one on one online training. http://www.pamsdogtraining.com

I did this video since I never really have showed people ways to utilize clicker training. This has the fundamental rules to clicker training and how to utilize toys and food as a reinforcer.

The click is a secondary reinforcer and the food or the toy is the main reinforcer. The canine wishes to hear the click due to the fact that he has learned that good ideas take place after the click.

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Pam, Isabelle, Bandit & Twix

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